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Focaccias with red lentil flour

My curiousity worm woke up recently when I saw a bag of red lentils flour on a shelf in my health food store. I grabbed the bag immediately but then put it back after a few moments, thinking "What would you do with it anyway?".
But the silly worm wouldn't let me go. And a week later I went back and this time the bag of this cute pinkish/orange flour went home with me and this time I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.
Autumn colours are inspiring, all those hues of yellow, orange, red and brown everywhere you look, and chilly rainy days simply call for something warm in your soup bowl. And for me, the most irresistible combination with soup is warm, crisp and soft at the same time, freshly baked focaccia.
So where did my pinkishorange flour end up? In a focaccia, of course.
As for the topping I decided I'd give a different one to each of six little focaccias I made. Playing with black and white sesame seeds, and gomasio, and homemade tahini- yeah! sesame in…

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